what we're about here at organics we expect you to follow the rules provided below. if you are wondering if we're the place for you then consider the following:
we want a place that allows creativity and a place to write a character with more personality or a unique background, we value building in character friendships, we aren't interested in members who are only interested in finding a romantic sl, we value writers that care about their own characters with less concern about what others are doing, we put the fp before everything else, we aren't judgemental about other people's characters and/or writing.
for the most part we are hoping to build a community that has it's fair share of fun, in character drama and environment where people feel safe to write. this means you should be nice ooc and consider the fact that everyone here is a real person on the other side of the computer screen just participating in the same hobby you are. in short - be nice.

setting up setting up for organics is extremely easy. pick an open floorplan from duboce and apply. please check the taken units here before setting up.

when applying you should have an out of character journal, one in character and one out of character post both backdated. your out of character post needs to include basic info on your character in your out of character post. your info should be their full name, hometown, floorplan, roommate(s) if applicable, occupation, birthday and age. that's it. you may add a bio or blurb if you'd like but that isn't required. we do not require examples but we're here to tell you we encourage small narrative updates with our writing challenges! please see activity for what we expect for you every month.

organics as an organic community we ask that you join with the expectation that you're going to build lines going forward. the apartment complex is called the duboce and is a brand new apartment building that your character will be brand new to as well. this means they will not know anyone or have pre-established history with anyone except for their roommate. this means that you are allowed to bring in that one storyline. your character's roommate can be someone they met on craigslist, a best friend, a significant other, an ex, a sibling/cousin or other kind of relative. that's it. please don't ask for exceptions to this rule. after you're accepted you can reach out to the people living next to/across from your character for planning things in the future but please don't go crazy with pre-planning anything specific.

activity our update cycles begin on the first of the month and end on the last day of a month. during that time you are to update two times, preferably spread out over the month verses back to back. each time you post you may post literally anything you like. to encourage more thoughtful updates we will post update challenges! while we won't require any sort of word count or form of updating we are going to say that we ask only one post a month be an instagram update, rather than both. try to do something different with a second, even if it's another kind of interactive post. having said that if you're more active and want to post more than twice a month you're more welcome. intros are due 48 hours after posting and you must reply to all of the comments left for you within a day or two. if you post and only reply to half you will be removed.

notable update rules - anything you post that's interactive means you must reply to the people that reply to your post. carry on conversations, don't ignore anyone and try to be thoughtful. avoid one wording people and please make sure you're actively on the fp so that your post isn't a repeat of something that has been asked or posted recently.

wire, etc. we cannot prohibit wire or other apps but we do discourage them heavily. we ask that you do not promote it on the fp or develop a group of friends that your character talks to exclusively on wire (or the fp for that matter). your activity is required on the fp and in customs to be sure that those who cannot use wire are able to develop lines and be a part of the community equally.

if we feel that wire/other messaging apps are being abused and people aren't making any effort on the fp we will ban it all together and anyone still using it after the ban will be removed from the community. we trust it won't have to come to this, but keep this in mind as you're active throughout each cycle.